Housing Development Fund

The Housing Development Fund is designed to provide gap funding to support projects currently underway in cities and communities that accelerate the production of new housing units to address and prevent homelessness. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

Effective retroactively as of January 1st, CDH will screen Housing Development Fund applicants for San Bernardino County’s HOME-ARP funding eligibility. Applications that meet the threshold for HOME-ARP funding will receive an invitation for an individual consultation.

Supplemental documentation will also be requested at or before the time of the initial consult, where necessary, to meet the requirements of the HOME-ARP program.

Rental Relief Program

The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program provides financial assistance for rent and utilities to income-eligible California renters and their landlords who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Community Development & Housing Department

CDH seeks quality of life for the residents of San Bernardino County by providing community and housing development resources for low and moderate income families, individuals and communities. CDH invests several Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and State grants to undertake needed infrastructure projects and services for targeted communities.
Government officials at grand opening of a park

Community Revitalization

The Community Development Division manages a wide variety of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant funded construction, public service and revitalization projects throughout San Bernardino County.

What’ New for Current Notices and Reports

Newest Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) Posted

Community Development Block Grant


Notice of Funding Availability, CDH offers an online database for those searching for affordable housing opportunities for the following audiences.


CDH offers an online database for those searching for affordable housing opportunities for the following audiences.

Affordable Housing

Every resident in San Bernardino County should have access to adequate, safe and affordable housing; a place to call home.  Community Development and Housing invests in communities throughout San Bernardino County to revitalize neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life of residents.

Affordable Developments

Homeowner Resources

The County of San Bernardino offers various Homeowner Rehabilitations/Repair Programs and Homebuyer Assistance Programs.

Renter Resources

The County of San Bernardino maintains affordable housing project lists as well as provides a Section 8 program as administered by the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB), which helps qualified, applicants with long-term rental assistance.

Developer Resources

Community Development and Housing works in partnership with developers and cities throughout the County.  Currently the primary funding available for the development of affordable housing is HOME and HOME ARP funds.

Homeless Services

The Community Development and Housing Department (CDH) works in partnership with local non-profit, for-profit and governmental agencies, as well as other County departments, to provide services to individuals and families who are literally homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. We fund various services such as emergency shelters; motel vouchers; financial assistance for first and last month’s rent; security deposits; past-due rent; utility assistance; and other services that are essential to homeless individuals and/or families finding and maintaining stable housing.

Homeless Services

How to Access Homeless Services

  • Emergency Shelter and Motel Vouchers
  • Rapid Rehousing Services
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Rental Assistance
  • Permanent Housing; and more

Homeless Grants

  • Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)
  • No Place Like Home (NPLH)
  • Disability Advocacy Program Housing And Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP)
  • California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH)

Housing & Urban Development Maps

Our Vision

Model Community

We envision a model community which is governed in an open and ethical manner, where great ideas are replicated and brought to scale, and all sectors work collaboratively to reach shared goals.

Sustainable System

We envision a sustainable system of high-quality education, community health, public safety, housing, retail, recreation, arts and culture, and infrastructure, in which development complements our natural resources.

Destination & Home

From our valleys, across our mountains and into our deserts, we envision a county that is a destination for visitors and a home for anyone seeking a sense of community and the best life has to offer.

Skilled Workforce

We envision a vibrant economy with a skilled workforce that attracts employers who seize the opportunities presented by the County’s unique advantages and provide the jobs that create our countywide prosperity.